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  • 15 October 2018

    Zuiryo High School in Nagoya, which Consul Chiune Sugihara used to attend in the past, paid tribute to his memory by unveiling on October 12, 2018 a monument depicting the consul, his family and memorial plaques on which the story of his heroic deed was described.

    The unveiling ceremony of the monument of consul Chiune Sugihara, who in the summer of 1940, at the Japanese Empire Consulate in Kaunas issued a transit visa, saving life of over 6 thousand Jews (including numerous Polish citizens) were attended by representatives of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, local government, headed by the governor of pref. Aichi, Omura Hideaki and the mayor of Nagoya, Takahashi Kawamura, representatives of embassies of Israel and of the Republic of Poland in Tokyo, representatives of the scientific and media circles as well as the teaching staff and pupils of the Zuiryo high school. In total, over 1,200 people participated in the ceremony, which gathered the attention of local and national media. The representative of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Tokyo - Małgorzata Szmidt, who was present at the ceremony recalled during her speech that the Poles of Jewish origin were the largest group among the people saved by the consul Sugihara and presented the outstanding Poles, including Consul Konstanty Rokicki, Ms. Irena Sendler, Ms. and Mr. Zabinski’s couple who similarly to Consul Sugihara, helped Jewish people saving them from Holocaust. During the speech, it was also emphasized that Poles constitute the largest group (over 6,200 people) honored by the Yad Vashem Institute with the title "Righteous Among the Nations".


    Sugihara Chiune is the only Japanese who has been awarded this distinction. A monument and memorial plaques on which are printed, among others, names and surnames of all those who were saved, is another place of remembrance dedicated to the eminent consul. In the city of Yaotsu in the 90s, a monument (The Chiune Sugihara Memorial) commemorating his person was created.

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